Cecilia is an artist and accessory designer and maker. She comes from a family of artists, and grew up with a fine tuned sense of visual dynamism and balance which she used to manipulate and explore in her fascination for combining space and material and color. This she developed in context of her hometown Savannah, Georgia and later in her travels to other parts of the United States and to Europe.

Due to her strong sense of 3-dimensional form and space, she studied Fashion Accessory Design at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), learning under master shoemaker Marcell Mrsan. She was drawn to designing accessories because of the challenges involved in expressing the freedom of art in the restrictions of design; for example a shoe as a beautiful yet necessarily practical object.

Over the years Cecilia has worked on paintings with her father James Langley (jameslangley.com), and her sister Mariana (marianalangley.com) as well as learned traditional gilding and frame making under master frame maker Belinda McLain of Master Solutions in Savannah.

In the fashion industry, she interned in summer 2016 as a women’s footwear designer with Global Brands Group in NYC, assisting with design development for the private label footwear department. In Savannah, she worked as a sewing assistant to dress designer Cate Lyons, where she furthered her understanding of garment construction and fit. In March 2017 she was a finalist for the CFDA Kenneth Cole Innovation award.

Cecilia received her BFA in Accessory Design in June 2017, and is currently living in Milano.


contact: cecilia.langley@gmail.com